Rocky Mountain Region Promotional Products Association



 All RMRPPA Memberships are company-based and run through a calendar year.

Suppliers - $180

A company that manufactures, converts, warehouses or decorates promotional products for sale to promotional products distributors. (Must have a minimum of six (6) months in the industry)

Business Services - $180

A company that sells services, information or products that support the normal conduct of business. (Must have a minimum of one (1) year in the industry)

Supplier Representatives - $145

An independent company, contracted by one or more suppliers to market their products and services to distributors. (Must have a minimum of six (6) months in the industry)

Distributors - Tier Structure (see below)

A company whose primary business includes developing ideas for the use of promotional products, buying such products from suppliers and reselling them to end buyers. (Must have a minimum of three (3) months in the industry)

$75 - Individual

$115 - Two Employees/Sales Representatives

$155 - Three Employees/Sales Representatives

$195 - 4-7 Employees/Sales Representatives

$230 - 8-12 Employees/Sales Representatives

$265 - 13-17 Employees/Sales Representatives

$310 - 18+ Employees/Sales Representatives

The Rocky Mountain Region Promotional Products Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

Phone: 1-307-631-6604



P.O. Box 21302

Cheyenne, WY  82003

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